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        In the future, three development trends of pharmaceutical plastic bottle industry
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        Pharmaceutical plastic bottle is a kind of plastic bottle processed by blow molding process, which is mainly used in pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical solution, solvent and other plastic containers. As the carrier of pharmaceutical products, it plays a positive role in the circulation and transportation of pharmaceutical products, exhibition, carrying and use. The medical plastic bottle is generally made of pet, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good sealing, excellent moisture-proof, health and safety. It is widely used in the market at present.
        China's pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging industry has developed for more than ten years, and it has developed rapidly. In the future, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle industry will closely integrate with the trend of the times, inject more fresh elements, meet the increasingly competitive market demand, and meet people's use habits. In the future, China's pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging industry will present the following three development trends:

        1. Impervious plastic bottles for medicine: as we all know, medicines are prone to damp and deterioration in the supermarket environment, which affects the efficacy of medicines. However, the use of impervious plastic bottles for medicine can completely block the entry of moisture and oxygen, so as to ensure the effectiveness of medicines.

        2. Prevent children from opening plastic bottles: in order to prevent children's curiosity from opening and eating by mistake, such medical packaging bottles can effectively prevent this phenomenon.

        3. Anti counterfeiting medical plastic bottle: the medical plastic bottle is implanted with electronic identity, which can be scanned by mobile phone to query relevant information, such as manufacturer, production date, product batch number, etc., with excellent anti-counterfeiting effect.
        With the rapid change of the trend of the times, the packaging of medical plastic bottles keeps up with the pace of the times, which is more convenient for people's use, safer and healthier, more reasonable in design, and in line with the increasingly fierce market competition.

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